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Our Managing Editors
Our Managing Editors are Immunologists who each have more than 20 years of experience working and publishing in Immunology. Trained at the Washington University School of Medicine and The University of Pennsylvania, they have published peer-reviewed research articles in journals such as Immunity, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, Cancer Research, BloodProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USAThe Journal of Immunology, and PLoS Medicine.

Managing Editors personally review and perform the final edit on every manuscript or scientific document we receive.

We are Immunologists.
Unlike other editing services, we provide professional editing specifically for manuscripts and other scientific documents within the broad field of Immunology. Put our experience to work for you.

We guarantee that your manuscript will be edited by trained Immunologists with the utmost of confidentiality. We do not send manuscripts out to free-lance editors who have no scientific experience in our field.

The Editing Process:

1. Documents are assigned to an Editor the day they are received. The manuscript is first read for content and to correcting common grammatical errors that may be present. 

2. During the second round of editing, changes to improve the overall form and readability of the manuscript are made. This is done by examining sentence structure and paragraph content, as well as data descriptions. Additionally, close attention is paid to your figures and the way in which they are described in the text, making sure your words accurately depict your findings.

3. Our Editors use the Microsoft Word Track Changes function allowing you to choose to accept or ignore each suggested change individually. This provides you the utmost control over the way in which your document reads, while also increasing your command of the written English language.

4. We will return your edited document within 5 business days of receipt, on time, every time.

About Us

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