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Terms of Service

The editors at Immunology Science Editors will carefully and thoroughly edit your immunology-based scientific documents to bring the writing up to the level of a native English speaker. However, it is the responsibility of the authors to check and approve all suggested changes to a document prior to submission. The final responsibility for the content of the submitted documents resides with the authors, not with Immunology Science Editors.

While we guarantee to perform expert scientific editing for all documents we receive, we can not guarantee publication of edited manuscripts, nor can we guarantee funding of submitted grant applications. The decision to accept or reject 
manuscripts and grant applications rests solely with journal editorial boards and funding agency directors, respectively.

Finally, the service we provide is intended to evaluate the writing and language within your documents. Our editors will suggest changes that improve the manner in which your findings are conveyed. 

Unless specifically requested at the time of submission, we do not provide peer-review style evaluations regarding the scientific content of manuscripts we receive for editing.

We acknowledge that it is sometimes necessary to add text based on the comments provided by our editors. For this reason, we offer to read and edit new text (not greater than 10% of the original length of the document) free of charge. Simply highlight and return the document to us for a quick review of this new text. If you find it necessary to make significant additions to the text prior to submission or in response to reviewers' comments, we charge a $150 fee to re-edit the document in its entirety.

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